Name: Y'Khun

Age: 62

Gender: Female

Y Khun used to belong to a villager in Buon Don. At that time, she was used as a beast of burden and she helped with carrying rice and other crops. She had successfully captured four baby elephants during elephant-capturing trips in the past.

Since Y Khun became a part of Yok Don National Park in 2001, she helped with the rescue of wild elephants who were caught in snares. Additionally, she also worked in tourism activities.

Y Khun is naughty and disobedient. She is hot and cold sometimes. Her handler must observe her vigilantly will he knows there’s a change in her behavior. Her mahout described her as a lady with a masculine personality as she is more aggressive than other female elephants of the same age. She often sneaks up on people and hit them if they invade her personal space. Y Khun is also a “clean” lady who is very picky about her food, drink, and travel routes. For example, she would prefer not to walk through the muddy and dirty areas that are strewn with other elephants’ feces. Regarding her drink, she never drinks in puddles or small streams, she only drinks running water from big streams or rivers.


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