Name: Kham Phanh

Age: 47

Gender: Female

Kham Phanh was born in 1976. For many years she was the only elephant in Ea Rbin commune, Lak district.

Kham Phanh's family agreed to transfer her to the Elephant Conservation Center at the end of September 2021. With the coordination and support of the Animals Asia Foundation, Kham Phanh moved safely and healthily. After two weeks of health monitoring, she lives at Yok Don now, under the care of her new mahout Xixa Wath and the elephant care team.

Kham Phanh has now befriended H'blú; the two are very close, so Kham Phanh is no longer lonely.

Kham Phanh is considered tricky and talkative, quite the opposite of H'Blu's calm and thoughtfulness.

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