Environmental Education and Services Center

Center for Environmental Education and Service (DV) is a non-profit organization under Yok Don National Park, with the function of organizing propaganda, education and awareness, raising activities on forest management and protection, biodiversity conservation, nature and environment conservation for individuals, organizations and communities; providing forest environment services, ecotourism services under the management of Yok Don National Park and a number of other services as prescribed by law.

Center for Environmental Education and Services (hereinafter abbreviated as Center) is a dependent accounting unit under the Park's financial and accounting management mechanism. It has legal status, has its own seal, is a licensed part of the operating expenses from the state budget, and may open accounts according to regulations.

The Center's headquarters is located in the Administrative Service Division of Yok Don National Park.


1. Environmental propaganda and education

- Develop long-term, medium-term, short-term, and annual programs and plans and organize the implementation of propaganda and education to raise awareness of forest management, protection, and biodiversity conservation, environmental protection, protection of historical and cultural relics for individuals, organizations and communities.

- Compiling, printing, providing documents and information on environmental education for the community, pupils, students, tourists and organizations and individuals to visit and carry out scientific research at the Park.

- Coordinate with relevant agencies and units to organize propaganda and dissemination of the law on forest protection and development, legal documents on nature conservation, and State policies to support the buffer zone community.

- Coordinate with mass organizations, related units, local art teams to organize cultural and artistic exchange activities with the delegations, create a playground, contribute to propaganda and improve education. Awareness of nature and environment conservation for visitors.

- Coordinate with the Department of Science and International Cooperation to develop, manage and implement international cooperation exchange programs in the field of environmental education.

2. Ecotourism Services

- Develop long-term, medium-term, short-term and annual plans and organize the implementation and implementation of service business activities; organize marketing, promotion, marketing activities, introduce tours, eco-tourist routes and information about the park's activities to attract tourists and visitors.

- Designing tourism products, carrying out promotional activities, marketing, introducing goods, traditional products, customs and indigenous cultural practices according to the general development orientation of the Park and the locality;

- Finding partners and proposing and advising the Director of the Park to organize joint venture services, ensuring compliance with the law and in accordance with the development orientation of the Park. Coordinating with affiliates, renting the forest environment to trade ecotourism services.

- Organize and manage the collection of entrance fees to the Park; fees for scientific research services, internships, guiding delegations and fees for other services as prescribed.

- Organizing reception, service, introduction, guidance, for visitors to visit and travel; Enter the log book, register the number of visitors to stay and visit for the competent agencies in charge of tourist management.

- Organize the serving of rice for officials, civil servants and public employees of the Park; Organizing conferences, seminars, catering services, entertainment, souvenirs; Arrange accommodation and overnight stays at the request of guests and the ability of the Garden; Fully prepare vehicles to ensure the safety of visitors to the Park

- Guide and supervise tourism service business activities of organizations and individuals under the contract signed with the Director (If any)

- Managing civil servants, officials and employees of the Center; manage and use the assigned property in accordance with the State's regulations, the Park’s regulations, the Center's regulations; Perform some other duties as assigned by the Park Director.

Organizational structure

1. Center leader:

The Center for Environmental Education and Services is led by a Director and a Deputy Director. The Director of the Center operates the Center's activities and is responsible to the Director of the Park and to the law for the operation of the Center.

The Deputy Director of the Center assists the Center Director, supervises and directs a number of work areas as assigned by the Center Director and is responsible to the Center Director and the law for the performance of assigned tasks. 

2. Parts of the Center:

a) Environmental education division;

- Key communicator to raise environmental awareness for the community; raise awareness of nature conservation and indigenous culture conservation.

- A propagandist on local culinary culture and chef of the tourism service business department

b) Service sales department

- Room staff; cleaning staff, tour guide and receptionist

c) Staff to manage and take care of Elephants

Professional divisions and groups are self-adjusted and assigned by the Director of the Center

Officers and contract workers of the Center are responsible to the Center's Director and to the law for the performance of their assigned tasks.

With its functions and tasks, the Center is gradually building and developing effective eco-tourism activities to create jobs and income sources for local people to improve the quality of life; Propaganda to raise awareness for the community about environmental protection and natural resources for sustainable, synchronous and systematic development.