Name: H'Plo

Age: 48

Gender: Female

H'Plo means Twinkling in English. She is a soft and quiet elephant, her favorite is playing with water.

H'Plo is the first local elephant that joins the elephant-friendly tour model. Before arriving Yok Don, like every local elephant, H’Plo spent her days giving tourists rides. From December 2020, with the support from Olsen Animal Trust, Animals Asia Foundation and Yok Don National Park have brought H'Plo back home (Yok Don forest), she has retired since that day. Every day, H’Plo roams and eats and plays freely like the other elephants in Yok Don.

Her mahout is Y-Nhat, the one who understands her best. H’Plo loves to play with water, Y-Nhat has known that and usually finds a suitable place for her where she can swim safely.


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