Boat trip on the SeRe Pok river (1 hour)

Start and end time

Start at End at
8:00 16:30

Cost each person

Price for the first 3 person From 4 people plus for each
Adult 400.000,00 ₫ 400.000,00 ₫
Children 0,00 ₫/Child


Maximum 3
Minium 1

Tour description

The mighty Serepok River runs for 332km through Yok Don before flowing into Cambodia where it connects with the Mekong River. Sail for an hour along this majestic waterway to take in the river’s splendour and combine the cruise with birdwatching, sunset touring or any time of day to enjoy the beauty of the river. A body of water with trees around itDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

Any time of day:    

400,000 vnd per boat including guide - maximum 3 visitors/boat (40 minutes - 1hr/trip)   

Tour note